Podcast- First Edition

I’m pleased to unveil the first ever Sound And Motion Podcast. The response for submissions has been fantastic. There’s loads of artist/bands yet to be featured, so if you don’t hear your track, don’t worry. If you’d like to get involved in an upcoming edition do please email me at soundandmotion@live.co.uk

Be sure to check out all of the bands you hear in this edition, and give them a like on Facebook.

Comment on this article if you’re involved and would like to add something.



9 comments on “Podcast- First Edition

  1. Andrew, your podcast was fantastic! Thank you for the kind words. Bring on episode 2. I now know where I’m heading to discover new music, fuck radio 1. Great job mate, keep it up x

  2. Hi, we are a local band with a huge attitude:) we wana be heard and we want to relay our message to the world! Please take a listen to our demo on our fb page (soundcloud) its called Dungeon… We are in the process of doing a music video here in Port Elizabeth through sponsorships. 5 Piece band with female vocals. We are performing at Earthdance in Port Elizabeth on 21st-23rd Sept…. Check google for stories about Shackles and Sherry! Thank you!

  3. Thats a great idea Cieran. Thanks again for featuring me on here, hopefully I’ll be featuring in person on one of the upcoming podcasts to talk about a few of the many great local hip hop artists!

    Also don’t forget you can get my entire album for free at http://www.evol3.bandcamp.com if you do enjoy what you hear

    Much love!

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