Podcast- Second Edition

This is the second edition of the Sound And Motion Podcast. The response for submissions has been fantastic. There’s loads of artist/bands yet to be featured, so if you don’t hear your track, don’t worry. If you’d like to get involved in an upcoming edition do please email me at soundandmotion@live.co.uk

Be sure to check out all of the bands you hear in this edition, and give them a like on Facebook. You can also find us there too; http://www.facebook.com/soundandmotionpodcast

Comment on this article if you’re involved and would like to add something.


4 comments on “Podcast- Second Edition

  1. Hey Andrew. For some reason I could not contact you on facebook from the States. I have heard about you sharing music of many talented bands. I was curious if you could check out our new 3 song EP from my band facebook.com/tagyoureitbandaz. Let us know what you think.

    Thank you kindly for your time!

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