Cinema Preview: Hit & Run



In hilarious new comedy Hit & Run former gang member, Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard), risks life and limb by jeopardizing his witness protection plan in order to help his girlfriend, Annie (Kristen Bell), reach Los Angeles. The couple embarks on a road trip that could lead towards the opportunity of a lifetime, but their fast-paced journey grows troublesome, and thus begins a tale of danger and awkward hijinks as a friend from the past (Bradley Cooper), a federal marshal called Randy (Tom Arnold) and a band of misfits chase them across the country.


Bradley Cooper has a tendency to produce decent films, so his presence alone is a good start for this movie, but the plot doesn’t exactly sound thrilling; it’s a little cliché and one that’s been done more times than it’s worth trying to count, but the trailer evidences that the film will provide the audience with the kind of madcap, laugh out loud, simple comedy that they loved in The Hangover.


Bradley Cooper and Dax Shepard’s antics in this movie are bound to make it a belly-acher; as a broken-brotherhood double-act they look great. Hit & Run won’t be outstanding, but you’ll laugh and you’ll laugh a lot.


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