Cinema Preview: Hotel Transylvania



With animated charm and a zany take on traditional characters director Genndy Tartakovsky welcomes you and yours to Hotel Transylvania, a luxurious and archaic five-star resort owned by Dracula (Adam Sandler) where monsters and their loving families can live it up, secure in the fact that their holiday paradise is a safe haven where they can be their selves, away from the prying eyes of nosey humans.

One extra-special weekend the count invites some of the world’s most well-known monsters- Frankenstein (Kevin James) and his bride (Fran Drescher), the invisible man (David Spade), the mummy (Ceelo Greene), Quasimodo (David Koechner and Jon Lovitz) and a family of a werewolves- to celebrate the 118th birthday of his precious daughter, Mavis (Selena Gomez).

The celebrations run along swimmingly, with skeletons, shrunken heads and suits of armour (Brian George) having a bloody good time, and Dracula can relax for once. That is, of course, until a human (Andy Samberg) crashes the party.


Adam Sandler seems to take any role thrown at him these days, regardless of the ridiculous script, humourless humour, and tired, stereotypical characters. Gone are the glory days of Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison and Big Daddy, replaced instead by eye-rolling inducing crapathons like Jack & Jill, I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, and Click. Sure, he still produces the odd good one, like Grown Ups and Funny People, but his reign as everyone’s favourite comedic king is well over. Sandler’s presence in this movie immediately gives it a kiss of death, but the premise seems alright, for kids at least, and the fun assortment of characters, played by some modern greats, look sure to provide a laugh or two.


It’s a kid’s movie. Hotel Transylvania probably won’t leave you needing stitches to repair your laughter-torn belly, but it’s bound to keep the under-tens giggling and, really, what else matters?


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