Single Review: Conor Maynard feat Ne-Yo – Turn Around

A recent guest-host on Never Mind The Buzzcocks that, though he was initially a bit of a disappointment, we begrudgingly admit turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise, Ne-Yo guests on Turn Around, the new single by Brighton bambino Conor Maynard.

Beginning with a repetitive keyboard sequence reminiscent of someone trying to get a piano in tune, Turn Around is transformed into a straightforward dance-pop song by Maynard’s singing into the bathroom mirror vocals. Despite the dull normality the soon to be twenty year old and Ne-Yo sound alright together and, for anyone that doesn’t know any better, this is a pretty decent, albeit easily forgettable, mainstream track.

Of course, and we won’t be the first to say this, Turn Around was actually written by that misogynistic, woman-beating prick, Chris Brown and that alone means this deserves nothing more than a swift kick into the bargain bin. Sorry Conor.


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