Album Review: DZ Deathrays- Bloodstreams

Shane and Simon from Brisbane have been playing around for a while now, and have made quite a name for themselves, not only in Australia, but in the US for their eccentric party attitude. In fact, they were actually kicked off stage at SXSW earlier in the year for being too loud. The main words to describe the two piece would be fuzz and thrash. Bloodstreams, the boys first LP,shows the very best that they have to offer.

From the get go on their debut album the band crank it up to 11, with the fuzzed out guitar and shout-y vocals. Their lead single, Dollar Chills has one of the greatest riffs in some time as the effects pedals take over and give a distorted and electronic sound. The simplicity of the tune is overshadowed by the effects that make it seem like there are so many more instruments than there actually are.

Cops/Capacity is another highlight on this record, as it is filled with screaming vocals and fuzzed out guitar in a typical garage rock style, but with a strong sense of difference to all those that have failed before them. It is hard to say what makes this band so appealing. The high energy and rebellion against what is currently popular, maybe? It is obviously not the lyrics in this song, as it is very repetitive and simple, speaking about wild parties.

Also worthy of a mention is No Sleep, more of a typical indie rock tune with cleaner guitars and less effects. It is another party track, telling you to not sleep until you pass. Dumb It Down slows things down and is possibly DZ Deathrays’ attempt at a ballad. The vocals aren’t as attractive when they aren’t screaming at their capacity, but this track offers some diversity, and lets you rest while your body recovers from your ridiculous head banging.

While they may not have the deepest lyrics, the music is infectious. It will keep you coming back for more of their loud riffs and shouty singing. The two piece are young, and have a long career ahead of them. 13 songs are simply not enough, so a follow up is highly anticipated!


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