Cinema Preview: On The Road



Jack Kerouac’s celebrated pseudo-autobiographical novel On The Road finally hits the big screen, in the capable hands of Motorcycle Diaries’ director Walter Salles Jr and producer Francis Ford Coppola. With a plot somewhat based on the author’s trips across America, the people he met, the experiences he had, interwoven with fiction, this adaptation features a stellar cast, with Sam Riley, Garrett Hedlund, Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Moretensen, Elizebeth Moss, Amy Adams and Steve Buscemi.


With Salles and Coppola on board On The Road is in good hands. The pair are sure to do Kerouac proud, and introduce his brilliance to an entirely new generation, but the inclusion of the wooden-faced Kristen Stewart is a worrying one, and surely a move for nothing but financial gain. The rest of the cast is respectable, with all actors having solid, well-received careers behind them.


On The Road will most likely be looked over by those that would enjoy it, but know very little of the man it’s based on. We may be wrong but with Breaking Dawn Part Two so close to release it’s a worry that theatres worldwide will be packed with Twi-hards, most of its plot going right over their heads.


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