The Idiot’s Guide To Comic Book Heroes Part One

With a planet supposedly on the brink of Armageddon it seems only natural that the movie world should be awash with web-spinning vigilantes and revenge-obsessed billionaires, and viewing figures cement that theory; the Lycra-clad likes of Spiderman, Batman and The Avengers ruled the summer box-office, with fists of steel and almost despotic attitudes to law and order ruling the day.

The next couple of years are shaping up to be just as packed with the superhuman, with the likes of Marvel and DC throwing some of their most famous, and lesser known, heavy-weights onto silver screens across the world.

Here at Sound And Motion we don’t claim to be supercool, but we can happily say that our childhoods weren’t spent huddled in dingy basements reading the latest Green Lantern, or trading cards with the zitted and under-laid either. Thus, we barely know our Wonder Woman from our Silver Surfers, our Justice Leagues from our Guardians Of The Galaxy. We’d bet that many of you are equally as ill-informed.

So, before the movie reels start spinning out eager squeals ZAP, BAND and KAPOW we present to you The Idiots Guide To Comic Book Heroes.


The Justice League is, to put it in simple terms, DC’s equivalent to Marvel’s Avengers, except it came out three years before. Featuring legendary characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and The Martian Manhunter the group is the ultimate dream team come together to fight off the forces of super-villainy.

There are several explanations as to why The Justice League was formed. One such being that the titans teamed up to fend off a shared threat in the form of an alien invasion, and thereafter agreed to come together in times of need.

Whatever the actual reason for its existence the group is awesome and, thanks to the likes of Batman and Superman, it’s bound to make for an equally awesome movie, and a massive box office smash.

Release Date: Right now it’s unknown as to whether this movie will ever happen. As yet the only person we can find attached to it is Gangster Squad screenwriter, Will Beal. Warner Brothers supposedly have his script, and rumours going round suggest they’re aiming for a 2015 release. Fingers crossed.


Often referred to as Marvel’s Batman, with superhuman strength, sharp wit, enhanced senses and unrivaled tracking skills, Black Panther is well-known as being the first black superhero, originally appearing in 1966’s Fantastic Four fifty-two. Created by Stan Lee, Black Panther is the chief of the advanced African country Wakanda’s Panther tribe.

An eventual Avenger Black Panther is a warrior without equal and a brilliantly gifted scientist with almost unlimited resources at his disposal. A proud leader – the masked king will stop at nothing to defend the innocent.

Black Panther has an interesting array of enemies hounding him, including Solomon Prey, a maniac with bat-like wings and razor-sharp claws, all bound to bring a more savage edge to the normally city-based, reasonably clean-cut realm of movie superheroes.

Release Date: Marvel have hinted at a 2014 release date for Black Panther, but comic book fans everywhere are somewhat skeptical. As he’s an Avenger it seems likely that the release will tie in with that sequel, currently set for 2015.


This sentient alien with almost liquid-like form that attaches itself onto hosts and takes control of them isn’t exactly a hero, in fact it’s the opposite, more of a villain and a bit of a bastard, but as one of Spiderman’s greatest adversaries it’s become one of Marvel’s most popular bad guys. Created back in 1988 Venom is, basically, everything Spiderman is, but with a twisted, nightmarish spin. It possesses most of Spidey’s abilities but it’s completely undetectable by his senses, and thus a devastating opponent.

With a hulking physique, monstrous mouth complete with razor-sharp fangs and snake-like tongue Venom is bound to scare the kiddies, so we’d expect, or at least hope, that this will end up as something along the lines of The Punisher or Spawn; a hella violent, hella scary masterpiece of the malevolent and the macabre.

Release Date: We don’t know the release date for this yet, but we do know that Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn, is somehow attached. Will Venom and Spiderman clash in the ultimate battle between light and dark? We hope so. The question is, when?

That’s the end of part one of The Idiot’s Guide To Comic Book Heroes. We hope you’ve learned a little, we have, but not much. Look out for part two for an ill-informed study of a crack team of alien agents and the fastest man alive.


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