Album Review: Muse – The 2nd Law

There’s no doubt that Muse have become one of the biggest rock bands on the planet today, and that’s a title very much deserved. With their unique operatic and melodic sound that millions love, it’s no wonder that their sixth studio album, The 2nd Law, has been much anticipated and hyped. It’s safe to say that it lives up to the expectations many carry with a Muse album, or track.

From the opening track, Supremacy, the tone of the album is set to be powerful, melodic and theatrical. The uniqueness of the band shines through this track, showing the pitch variation in Bellamy’s voice. The influence of Queen on the band is no secret. This is echoed completely through Panic Station, where our initial thought was, “this really sounds like a Queen track”. This isn’t as bad as it sounds. They’ve slightly distorted the Queen sound to make it completely their own.  The piano into of the Official Olympic Song, Survival, reminded us of Bohemian Rhapsody. This is probably the most typical Muse sounding track on the album, however, a little more operatic.

Muse have taken a new twist, to try out a dub-step sound, but using their instruments to create the sound rather than relying on computers. The influence came after watching a Skrillex gig; living proof that dup-step is the new rock/metal. Through some tracks such as Madness and Follow Me this is subtle. Moving on to tracks like The 2 nd Law: Unsustainable, the influence of a dub-step is far clearer and this may cause controversy among die-hard Muse sounds.

The album overall is a classic Muse album, and will fail to disappoint both new and old fans. The pure genius of the three-piece shines through on this record and their unique take on the dub-step sound is anything but a failure, instead it enhances this album to make it completely stand out from previous Muse records.


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