Cinema Preview: Ruby Sparks



A young novelist who achieved overwhelming success in his early career, Calvin Weir-Fields (Paul Dano), is as stuck in a never-ending mess of writer’s block as he is in his struggle to find love. Finally, he creates Ruby, a character that inspires him, a perfect woman he could imagine spending his entire life with. Soon, word becomes flesh and reality as he finds Ruby (Zoe Kazan) sitting on his couch a week later.


In the run up to its release Ruby Sparks has been well received by the critics, more or less. The trailer shows off the movie as fast-paced and romantic, a love story that many have dreamed of, but it also shows quite a bit of the movie, and that can be a bad sign. Often, when a trailer shows so much happening across so many different sequences it can mean that not a lot actually happens in the full movie, and who wants that?


Despite this, Ruby Sparks shows promise and blows a breath of fresh air, or rather a splash of fresh ink, into the slightly tired rom-com genre. It also stars the tall geeky kid from The Girl Next Door, whose career seems to be on the up of late.


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