Cinema Preview: Pusher



Pusher, an English remake of the edgy cult classic by visionary director Nicolas Winding Refn, tells the story of Frank (Richard Coyle), a big-time London drug dealer who, over the course of a week, sees his fun-filled life spin quickly out of control. Friendships begin to crumble, he has no time for romance and violence begins to take over. With danger and chaos all around he becomes a man trapped in his own world, with nowhere to run or hide, and only one inevitable fate.


Pusher appears to be another typical British gangster/drug movie. With plenty of Trainspotting-style narcotics haze and Snatch-level violence it looks to be quite gory, with a decent amount of black humour thrown in. Comic actor Rich Coyle seems an odd choice in the lead role, but then the small man way out of his depth vibe more than fits that, especially with his real air of innocence. The rest of the cast seems pretty standard.


Pusher looks like it’ll be just another film for the lads that’ll probably end up being lost amongst all the others, but it looks good, maybe it’ll surprise.


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