Cinema Preview: Frankenweenie



The movie-spewing mind of Tim Burton returns with Frankenweenie, the heartwarming, animated tale of a boy and his dog. After the premature death of his dog Sparky, a distraught Victor (Charlie Tahah) harnesses the powers of supernatural science to bring his dear departed friend back from the dead. Of course Sparky looks a little…different. Victor does his best to keep his hybrid friend hidden, but the dog escapes and wreaks havoc on the neighbours.


A stop-motion animation filmed in black and white and rendered in 3D, Frankenweenie is meant to resemble the style of classic era horror films like the Wolf-man and Frankenstein, with a modern twist. The end result looks an interesting one, and the zany characters are sure to keep the kids enthralled.


Wacky films like this one is why the world loves Tim Burton, and excuses his blunders.


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