Cinema Preview: Paranormal Activity 4



All the activity has led to this. 2011, five years after Katie (Katie Featherston) killed her boyfriend Micah, her sister Kristi, her bother-in-law Daniel, and took their baby Hunter, a new family begins to experience spooky goings on after the new neighbours move in.


The Paranormal Activity series brought a new spin to the horror genre, and attempted to terrify audiences worldwide by alluding to the things that could be happening in every home. With the simple use of CCTV and handy-cams they succeeded, much to the dislike of many critics, and over the course of three films they wove a plot that filled theatres with shrieks and screams.

Sure, the films aren’t complicated, and there are much better horrors out there, but they’re genuinely creepy and have seemed to provide a steadily increasing amount of scares. The fourth movie seems to have been received by critics in the least favourable way, but then it was never going to win any Oscars anyway.


Paranormal Activity 4 will scare the pants off of the easily startled, and the rest of us? You just know we’ll try to pretend our hearts weren’t pounding.


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