Single Review: Leona Lewis Featuring Childish Gambino-Trouble

For many years now the identities of Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke have been called into question by the founder of this mag, the writer of this review. Their inability to perform a song properly, and suggested brilliance at what was actually making a hash of other people’s work, meant that the two somehow became the same person, and were molded together into the same scissor-voiced, uber-diva. This belief has been lessoned of late but really, have any of you ever seen them in the same room? Clarke Kent, Superman. Peter Parker, Spiderman. Peter Mandelson, Lord Voldermort. Leona Lewis Alexandra Burke.

Featuring hip-hop maestro Childish Gambino, Trouble, Leona’s new single, begins with some teeth grinding melody, before moving onto something a lot poppier, and a lot less painful. Throughout the track she follows the how to guide of making a song as a female performer; she says baby a lot, holds her notes at the end of sentences and sings without a lot of real soul.

Childish Gambino lifts the song. With his changing flow and sensual but savage style he projects emotion in a way that Leona Lewis doesn’t, but, though his part of the song is of a high standard, it really is let down by the rest.

Don’t be childish, Leona Lewis is trouble.


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