Single Review: Linkin Park-Lost In The Echo

A top ten success in the US rock chart, Lost In The Echo is the second single from Linkin Park’s fifth studio album, Living Things.

A track that harks back and fits snuggly in with some of their older stuff, Lost In The Echo begins with an electronic beat that seems to somehow tie it in with 2010’s The Catalyst’s video game vibe, without sounding similar. The track then leaves behind those preconceptions. With distorted guitars and the band’s usual vocal routine of Shinoda verses and Bennington choruses it’s highly radio-friendly, with a call-to-arms feel.

While Lost In The Echo lacks the staying power of classics like Crawling, Breaking The Habit and From The Inside it, just like its predecessor Burn It Down, proves the band remain a reliable unit in terms of producing quality music, and are back on the right track.


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