EP Review: Puppet Kings

Puppet Kings are a three piece rock band from Brighton. Established in 2011 these guys take influence from bands ranging from Foo Fighters to Megadeth. With their genre being defined as ‘rock/euphoric rock/hard rock/metal’ on their facebook page we were interested to see if this six track EP actually did rock our world, and wondered what it would actually sound like!

First track Let The Right One In was our introduction to what the band actually sound like. Kicking off with the generic introduction we’ve heard time and time again we had our fingers crossed that things were to improve once the vocals were introduced. As the introduction faded out and the verse came in full pelt Tom’s vocals completely changed the track. However, we can’t help but feel that on this song the musical accompaniment and vocals don’t run smoothly side by side which, after a while, becomes more of a distraction than just something you can look over. Maybe not the best start.

Would the other five tracks turn things around?

Having had a shaky start, The Voyeur makes up for the issues encountered previously. With a slower tempo throughout, Tom’s vocals once again shine on this track highlighting the wide vocal range he has, allowing the track to be emotive but catchy. The lyrics are of such high quality, it’s weird to think this trio are yet to release a full album. Drummer Jake provides this track with a strong drum backline to hook our attention, in our opinion he’s the hidden treasure of a band, adding something magical everytime. The whole track seems to fit together like a perfect jigsaw, to the point that you can just completely relax when listening.

After five incredible tracks, it’s down to Stubborn Little Thing to close this EP on a high. This track has a summery vibe to it which shows another side to Puppet Kings’ sound. We all agree the best track really has been left til last! Tom, Neil and Jake shine throughout this track, showing off their talent to the full extent. Tom is gifted with a versatile voice, which you can’t help but want to listen to, whilst, during a memorable instrumental towards the end of the track, flaunting a heavy, adrenaline pumping drum beat and slick bass sounds it’s clear the significance Neil and Jake have in the band.

We’ll be honest now, we’re not completely sure what genre this trio fall into, but whatever it is we really like it! With this six track EP now being available on iTunes and Amazon, it’s clear Puppet Kings have a successful career ahead of them. We’ll be keeping an eye on them, and you should too.


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