Single Review: Rebecca Ferguson-Backtrack

Another X-Factor runner up that received more success as a loser than she would have done as a winner, Rebecca Ferguson enjoyed a top three chart position when she released her debut album, Heaven, last year.

Backtrack begins with Rebecca Ferguson sounding like a soul diva, something that probably comes with the influence she takes from Queen’s of the genre like Aretha Franklin, Macy Gray and the late Amy Winehouse. Though it came from the lips of a reality show winner the song isn’t awful, in fact it’s very good; Ferguson seems natural, almost like she’s been doing this for decades rather than a few years. It’s difficult to find something about Backtrack to really pick at. It might not be the most original in the world, and it might not send shivers down many spines, but it does prove that, in time, Rebecca Ferguson will be a star, with X-Factor way back in her past.

We hate the X-Factor. It’s slowly killing the music industry, and every year it spits out people that wouldn’t get so much as a sarcastic clap from a real crowd, but Rebecca Ferguson is the real deal.


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