Cinema Preview: 5 Broken Cameras



There are five cameras- each with a story of their own. When Emad’s fourth son, Gibreel, was born the Palestinian villager bought a camera, the purpose of which to film the birth. The events that followed would change his life.

An extraordinary work of political activism, 5 Broken Cameras is a brave and personal account of the non-violent resistance by the villagers of Bil’in in the the West Bank. Angered by a separation barrier being built in the middle of their home the families do their best to fight back, peacefully. Filmed entirely by Emad the film is structured around the violent destruction of five of the villager’s cameras, as the lens reveals how conflict treats the poor, with bulldozed olive trees and stolen lives.


5 Broken Cameras is an extraordinary work that reveals to the world the suffering of real people that is swept under the blood stained carpet by the military, and largely ignored by the mainstream media. Harsh and not afraid to show it’s a real achievement, in terms of both production, and fortitude.


5 Broken Cameras is a grim reminder, sadly, that humans can be indescribably awful. It’ll put a bad taste in your mouth, but leave you glad that in comparison, your life isn’t so bad.


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