EP Review: King The Native

Fair debut four track e.p from Hastings trio King The Native. With a blend of grunge meets indie King the Native’s attempt at fusing two genres works surprisingly well.

Vocalist Alan Mitchell delivers a distinictive vocal which reminds us of Luke Pritchard of The Kooks which throws one off a little at first.

Opening track Thieves and Cheats gives a clear indication of the path down which King the Native are heading and it is off the beaten track with an interesting blend of indie and grunge while still maintaining a slight pop sensibility.

The second track Blonde lends itself more to a more driven heavier sound that compliments the opening song and carries the thread of the e.p as a whole.

Third track N.E.D is the stand out track that has an infectious bounce to it that leans more to the indie side of the King the Native experience.

Knots the last track on the e.p. creeps up on you slowly and manages to surprise at a quarter of the way into the song.

All in all a decent outing for a band that can only go from strength to strength as it hones and perfects an interesting blend of genres.

Words by: Josh Marnitz.


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