Game Preview: Doom 3 BFG Edition

The third installment in the game series that spawned the first person shooter genre, Doom 3, is coming back to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 bigger, better and badder than ever before.

Doom 3 disregards the storylines of the previous games. Set on Mars in 2145 it sees the player take on the role of an anonymous space marine who must fight through a beat infested research base and stop the legions of Hell from attacking Earth.

With weapons like the BFG 9000, chainsaws and shotguns the player must pass dismembered corpses, walk through pools of blood and venture into absolute darkness, all the while knowing that nightmarish monsters could appear before them at any time.

This revamped edition of Doom 3 includes remastered versions of the 2004 game, its Resurrection Of Evil expansion pack, seven additional missions, Doom I and Doom II. The game will have a high-definition facelift, with new lighting, better sound, the addition of a checkpoint system and achievements and trophies.

Live the nightmare again.


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