Single Review: Fragile Creatures – She Makes Me Nervous/Dear Michael

Up-and-coming indie 5-piece from Brighton, Fragile Creatures, released their debut single on the 11th June 2012: the double A-side entitled She Makes Me Nervous/Dear Michael, and what a way to break into the UK alternative music scene. The band has successfully reminded the UK of the beauty of original guitar pop music that Britain is famous for at the same time as revealing the uniqueness that they bring to such a broad genre of music.

She Makes Me Nervous begins slowly and calmly with choral voices providing some basic notes in amongst a series of soft acoustic riffs, hinting at a laid-back song. However, once the lead vocal (provided by Adam Kidd) kicks in, the mood of the song immediately takes a turn. The band’s dynamics increase as the sounds of the quirky guitars and striking keyboard are layered to create a striking sound worthy of supporting the strong lead vocals. When the time comes for the chorus, the sound returns to that of the start, restoring the original mood and conjuring memories of sunny beach holidays and relaxing summers. Now is the time that both the power and control of the lead vocal is shown off. With a short, contrasting instrumental after the chorus, yet again the mood is transferred back to the quirkiness of the first verse and remains like this until the end of the song. The band has effectively flaunted their versatility throughout this song with the chopping and changing of different styles at the same time as delivering a flawless presentation of both vocals and traditional guitar music.

The second track on the double A-side, ‘Dear Michael’, begins in a similar, calm fashion to She Makes Me Nervous. However, the difference is that this song keeps the same style throughout. With numerous exciting guitar riffs in varying keys and a layering of lead and backing vocals, this song is a reminder of relaxing, indie guitar music traditional to Britain. The strength of the guitars is what makes this song stand out against the fast-paced previous song, but both songs complement each other greatly, making this an incredibly successful first single.

Since the release of this double A-side, the band has been working in Normandy with producer Andy Lyden to produce more recordings. A follow-up EP is expected very soon and it is highly likely that a debut album will be released shortly after the new year has begun.


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