Cinema Preview: Elena



Winner of the Uncertain Regard Special Jury Prize at Cannes, Elena is an enthralling, modern twist on the classic noir thriller.

Elena (Nadezhda Markina) and Vladimir (Andrei Smirnov) are an older couple from entirely different backgrounds. Vladimir, a cold and wealthy man, Elena, a docile wife from a modest environment. Their life together is plagued by the usual marital problems, but ultimately it’s a simple one, that is until Vladimir suffers a heart attack that throws their future into question as he realizes he must make the most of the time he has left. With events falling out of her control, Elena hatches a plan to secure her hold on her inheritance.


From a first watch of the trailer Elena appears a film with a mood as cold and bleak as the country it’s set in. With an underlying sense of dread throughout it gives the impression that Elena’s plans will be dramatic, and well calculated.

As a Cannes winner the film has already secured a certain amount of respectability, and with a fairly favourable reception from the critics it looks set to be a picture of tense and gripping colour.


We aren’t sure. The trailer reveals very little about what we should expect from Elena, but we’re intrigued.


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