Cinema Preview: Sister



Switzerland’s official submission for best foreign language film at the 85th Academy Awards 2013, Sister, directed by Ursula Meier, is out October 26th.

Simon (Kacey Mottet Klein) lives with his older sister, Louise (Lea Seydout), in a housing complex beneath a luxury ski resort. With his sister drifting in and out of relationships and going nowhere in her working life, twelve year old Simon is forced to take on the responsibility of providing for both of them. Everyday Simon takes the lift up to the resort above and earns them money as a small-time hustler, stealing equipment from rich tourists to sell to kids down in the valley. Louise feels secure in her brother’s abilities, until he partners with a crooked British seasonal worker, and thrusts himself into dangerous territory.


Sister, which brings the raw edge of gang-type violence and threat to a world dominated by the ski-mask wearing faux-rich and extreme sports nuts, is another film we aren’t sure of, but it feels like the some of the Korean and Thai crime-flicks flogged by Tartan Cinema. It seems like it’ll be quite slow, with a real sense of danger throughout, and climax in a particularly horrible way, but we could be wrong.


Critics feel that Sister is a compassionate and atmospheric piece that explores deeply the relationships between siblings of the opposite sex, and the feral nature that exists in protecting that bond. We still aren’t sure.


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