Cinema Preview: Skyfall



After a top-secret operation goes horribly wrong, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is declared missing and assumed dead. As the identity of every active MI6 undercover agent is leaked onto the internet M’s (Judy Dench) ability as leader is called into question, and she is put under the investigation of a government review. Soon, the fears of many become reality, and the secret service itself is attacked. Bond reappears, and M uses the opportunity to seek out a dangerous villain with connections to both of them, Raoul Silva (Javier Barden). 007’s search takes him from London to the South China Sea, a trail that sees his loyalty to M tested, as secrets from her past begin to emerge.


Skyfall is, along with The Dark Night Rises and Avengers Assemble, surely the most anticipated movie of 2012. The twenty-third Bond film, and the third to feature Daniel Craig as the moody and rugged agent, it marks just over fifty years since the release of Dr No and, because of that alone, it’s bound to be amazing, despite the fact that many hardcore fans seem to detest Craig in the lead role.

Really though, those fans are just clinging onto the days of Sean Connery and the gentlemanly bond; surely Daniel Craig’s portrayal is a much more accurate one. It must not be forgotten that James Bond is a man with a license to kill, a highly dangerous individual whose soul purpose is to act as an enforcer for her Majesty The Queen. In reality he would be more Craig, and a lot less Connery.


We think Skyfall will be the best Bond in a while, and more than make up for Quantum Of Solace.


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