Game Preview: Medal Of Honour: Warfighter

Call Of Duty rival Medal Of Honor hits back with Warfighter. Inspired by real events and written by US Tier One operatives deployed overseas the tactical first person shooter packs a punch and delivers a true-to-life look at the battlefield in this modern day, the fight against the ongoing global terror threat.

The game puts players in control of Tier 1 operatives from ten different nations around the world to experience heart-stopping missions that have ties to real events. From rescuing hostages in the Philippines to assaulting a modern day “pirate town” in coastal Somalia the gameplay is varied intensely, and allows the player to be immersed in situations that can and do happen.

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter is more than just a blind shooter; it’s a heroic story of patriotism, and a reminder of why brave men step out into the line of fire each and every day.

With the Call Of Duty games beginning to become stale it’s refreshing to see that those behind Medal Of Honor can still deliver after thirteen years producing titles. The fourteenth game in the franchise and the sequel to 2010’s series reboot, Medal Of Honor, Warfighter looks like another fresh and satisfying game, and with a killer soundtrack to boot.


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