EP Review: The M-Theory – Entropy

Up-and-coming rock three-piece, The M-Theory, from Hove, England, have recently released their impressive debut EP, Entropy.  From the band’s elusive yet unique sound, it is clear that they are passionate about their music and pay close attention to the details that define exceptional musicians.

The opening track, Marsh, creates a mysterious atmosphere that is to set the tone for the rest of the EP. Featuring ghostly whistling and crackling to begin with, the track builds up unnerving tension likely to be associated with a horror movie as it goes along. The range and dynamics of the sounds increase until the exciting climax: an explosion focused mainly on heavy drum strikes and striking wailing sounds.

Having the task of keeping the mysterious vibe alive, Bite & Brace does not disappoint. The second track has an obvious rock-influenced style, with a strong bass and guitar sound heard from the very start. After a heavy introduction, the lead vocals (provided by Mike Groves) become the main feature with only the steady guitar to accompany them. As this continues, the original sounds begin to crescendo, climaxing with the vocals, drums and guitars complementing each other in the style of a classic, British rock band. The final instrumental is a representation of the power of the instruments working together.

The third track, Escape, offers a different sound. The introduction features a series of impressive guitar riffs, followed by a verse focused around the vocals. The chorus, however, is where the instruments and vocals come together again, creating a powerful, electric sound unique to this band. Of all the tracks on the EP, Escape is the most intense and striking.

The next two tracks, Entropy Part 1 and Entropy Part 2 are significantly contrasting to the previous tracks. Entropy Part 1 consists of a slow, calm guitar sound and soft vocals, showing the versatility of the band’s ability. Entropy Part 1 is merely an introduction to Entropy Part 2. Entropy Part 2 is slightly more fast-paced, with the dynamics of the vocals and guitars increasing throughout and the drums making a more obvious contribution. A chilling atmosphere is created by these two tracks.

The final track, Smoke and Mirrors is an epic conclusion to this superb EP. It offers a mixture of all of the sounds demonstrated in the previous tracks, topped off with edgier-sounding lead vocals and more prominent backing vocals. It would be interesting to see how the band transfer their energy into a live performance as they are all incredibly talented musicians.


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