Game Preview: Lucius


When Lucius was born June 6th 1966, he was expected to be just another little boy. His childhood, spent within the walls of a luxury manor, was as normal as that of any child born into privilege. But everything changed when he turned six, and his father, the Devil, began appearing in his dreams.

Through Lucius the Devil managed, as God did with Jesus, to bring a part of himself to Earth- and it is Lucius’ task to do his bidding, and gain control of the world. But before he can do that, Lucius must kill his family, and all the staff in the manor.

Paying homage to classics of the horror movie genre like The Omen, The Shining and The Exorcist, Lucius appears to be more or less just like the former, with a brown haired, innocent boy going on a rampage under Satan’s control.

Despite its possible lack of originality Lucius looks interesting, and the graphics look of a high standard too. The game will put players in control of the young boy in an open world with supernatural powers at their disposal. Anything could happen.


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