Game Preview: Street Fighter X Tekken

Two of the three most popular fighting franchises in the button-bashing combat universe fight it out in Street Fighter X Tekken, finally out on Playstation Vita.

A game that has surely been long awaited by fans, Street Fighter X Tekken is built upon the acclaimed fighting engine from Street Fighter 4, and features what must be one of the most robust character lineups in fighting game history.

In addition to the core roster of thirty-eight characters from the console version and five PS3 excliusives this Playstation Vita version will feature twelve extra playable characters; flame haired green skin savage, Blanka, Well-balanced street Brawler, Cody, upper-class black boxing heavyweight, Dudley, African tribal warrioress, Elena, ninjutsu fighter, Guy and schoolgirl, Sakura from Street Fighter, and android Alisa Bosconovitch, enraged Interpol officer Bryan Fury, dance fighter Christie Monteiro, latest Jack prototype, Jack-X, weird-haired military maestro, Lars Alaxandersson, and super cop, Lei Wulong, from Tekken.

The game features cross play functionality, allowing Vita players to compete against PS3 owners anywhere in the world, and includes Tekken’s popular tag team mode.

Another superb addition to the crossover fighting genre? You bet.


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