Album Review; Do Miss America – Songs From Desire Avenue

This uplifting band has a bright future. Influenced by American Blues and the powerful enlightenment that clearly comes across relaxed, cool and perfected. Thinking your set for just a clear cut ride. Think again. The story is written, you just need to take note. battered industrial wastelands of West Yorkshire they call home. You would of thought they were an American band. Not already perceived in the band name Do Miss America.

It would be a lie to say you can not hear the influence from the American pop, rock band from San Francisco, California. Train  Particularly the 2001 album Drops of Jupitor. Maybe it could be the smooth, soothing, mellow guitars and the bright yet effortless vocals from Cieran Miller.

All the tracks on Songs from Desire Avenue could not be so beautifully placed. As if scripted through out the album. Such a gripping invite with Queen of California. Bold and colourful.  Clear and Crisp guitar licks and charming  lead vocals.

You can feel such grit and rawness when listening to Gasoline. Constant tip of true blues harmonica. and punchy horns. It just makes you want to fill your car up and keep driving.

As much as you want to feel the sadness behind Falling All The Way.  with the grounded lyric, ‘ Ten numbers, if I dial one more it’s you ‘. You want to feel what Cieran is feeling. The splitting drums and constant rhythm keeps this track from falling. This is nothing but an uplift of emotion. A true grasp of personality.

With a clean flow of Steel guitar and perfectly gritted female vocals on Call Off The Wedding. You can only ask what happened?? A true story lies within the band. It captures your imagination. Bright and rich keys hold an organic sound. Freshly equipped with beautiful female backing vocals.

Do Miss America show their quircky side with the track Dont Get Mad, Get Awesome. After hearing an ‘in your face’ album such as this. It is a delightful experience to here this track. It kind of states, you can be serious and so cut down with the positives and negatives in life, you forget to remember to have fun and enjoy.

A secret song lays quietly of So Far Gone. A recording as if the record had been scratch with too much playtime. Harsh yet simple Acoustic guitar with Husky and drowning vocals brings a reminiscence of Bob Dylan’s work.

As for a debut album, Songs from Desire Avenue is a perfect example of a raw and brightly laced American, Country Blues album. With a superb delivery of song-writing and great musicianship. Put it in your car, put it on the jukebox. Just keep it playing.


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