Single Review: JLS-Hottest Girl In The World

Since JLS emerged on the X-Factor in 2008 they have proudly sported the title of worst band in the world. With gaggles of tone-deaf, squealing school girls following their every move they, along with Justin Bieber, have become the poster boys for an era that is just a little bit more musical than a traffic cone or a cheese and ham sandwich.

With numerous underserved awards and nominations credited to them, and three multi and platinum albums, they are harming the music industry with every tasteless, paint-by-numbers track they piss into the world with autotune and that-isn’t-dancing-dance-beats.

At first listen Hottest Girl In The World, the first single from their upcoming third album, Evolution, seems like it was intended as a joke, but it wasn’t.

With ball clenching vocals, ridiculously high harmonies, and lyrics that were either written in crayon or faeces, the track, according to some foolish critics, takes the band out of pop territory.

Not far out enough though.


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