Game Preview: Silent Hill: Book Of Memories

Exclusive to Playstation Vita Silent Hill: Book Of Memories is an all-new addition to the popular horror series, and one we don’t think fans will expect.

The story begins when you receive a strange book. Inside that book is your entire life story; everything that has ever happened to you, all your memories. By altering what’s written within you can alter the events of the past, and rewrite your own history to your ideal. But, in true Silent Hill style, not everything is as it seems.

A departure from the norm of Silent Hill, the game focuses more on co-operative multiplayer action rather than the traditional psychological horror players will be familiar with. Book Of Memories will force players to work together as they explore several different and macabre otherworlds, defeating creatures and solving ghastly puzzles as they advance towards an ultimate goal of uncovering the truth behind the book, and escaping the nightmare.

Featuring a hellish legion of classic creatures from over a decade of Silent Hill, the game is to be considered a celebration of the series’ history, and a strange one at that.

With gameplay resembling that of top down fantasy favourite Baldur’s Gate, and a first time RPG element that allows you to create your own character, Silent Hill: Book Of Memories looks really interesting, even if we aren’t sure what to make of it.


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