EP review: Emergency Door Release-Bowties & Butterflies

Up-and-coming indie band from Newcastle, Emergency Door Release, have recently released their second EP, successfully reminding us of the indie-rock sound that Britain is famous for.

The first of the four tracks, Tonight, is a classic example of a fast-paced indie record in which the band’s inspiration from artists such as The Vaccines and Arctic Monkeys is clear. The track focuses on impressive riffs from the lead guitarist, Tom Backhouse, combined with a strong, sustained drum beat. The raw talent of James Rooney is evident when he provides the lead vocals, singing quirky lyrics typical of British indie bands. The track ends with an anthemic climax, leaving the listeners excited for what the rest of the EP holds.

Secondly, One ‘n’ 1 is a track of a similar style to the first, although it creates a slightly darker atmosphere that really brings out the rock in this band. Still a fast-paced indie anthem, the vocals in this track are more distinct and it explores striking riffs more deeply. In the instrumental towards the end of the track, the talent of the musicians in this band is displayed clearly, showing their uniqueness and potential to escalate further onto the alternative music scene.

The third track, Father, is generally slower than the others, showing the band’s versatility. However, at the moments in which the song kicks in, the listeners are reminded of the fun atmosphere created by four guys that really love their music. A slightly shorter track than the others, Father proves that the band can include different ways of expressing their style, at the same time as reinforcing the strength of each aspect in the band.

The finale of the EP, Her Denial, is the most striking track of them all. Both of the guitars, the drums and the lead vocals all complement each other effectively in the first verse, leading up to an explosive chorus consisting of light-hearted lyrics, pounding drums and effectively repetitive, dark guitar sounds. The lead vocals reach their climax at the middle of the track and remain impressively strong until the end. This track is an epic conclusion to an incredibly successful EP, proving how Emergency Door Release deserve their name to become widely known and associated with the indie rock genre.

The band have been touring since February 2012 and, from the quality of this EP, it can be assumed that their stage presence is passionate and enthusiastic. They are currently signed to BigMouth Records and it is evident that promising things can be expected from the Newcastle boys.


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