Cinema Preview: Love Bite

Out November 9th


School is over and it’s summertime in the dead-end seaside town of Rainmouth. Bored out of his mind running his pot-head mother’s bed and breakfast business, Jamie (Ed Speleers) isn’t content with adolescent monotony, unlike his friends who seem more than happy to work in the local pie factory by day and look for sex by night. Desperate to get out and live he meets Juliana (Jessica Szohr), a beautiful, smart and sexy American traveller. Jamie is smitten but soon after her arrival strange events begin to befall the sleepy seaside town.


Starring Luke “Freddie from one of the Skins seasons no one watched” Pasqualino, Love Bite looks to be a wintry summer hit for teens, a mix of Skins and The Inbetweeners with werewolves. With a cast of virgins that just wouldn’t be unpopped in real life it seems like an easy-going comedy in the same vein as Kevin And Perry Go Large that’ll provide some memorable gags and, hopefully but unlikely, a few scares.


Love Bite looks very silly indeed, but there in lies its charm.


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