Single Review: Richard Allan II – Show me the way

Show Me The Way by Cambridge born, Brighton residing Richard Allan II sounds like a song you’ve known all your life. Comprised of simple chord progressions carrying intricate melody lines and a fantastically catchy vocal reprise the track bears all the hallmarks of a exceptionally skilled singer/songwriter.

There is not a note played that feels superfluous nor a vocal phrase that doesn’t add to the overall mood. The track feels languid, as if it were played more to the rock of some clichéd American front porch chair less a metronome and this seems to be Richard’s greatest strength. Much in the vain of the great American songsmiths (references to Jeff Buckley are made on his social media presence) the evocation of time and place is at the forefront of the song .It feels like a song of summers past, a song of sepia-toned memories of when everything seemed simpler. It feels familiar, comfortable.

Rubbish metaphors aside, the track avoids a major pitfall and manages to feels focused and concise despite running over the 5 minute mark with little musical progression and does so without ever feeling particularly long winded or repetitive. Richard Allan II’s creative output is described on his facebook as “music at its purest and most honest; a true celebration of man’s bittersweet journey.”

And as much as it pains to paraphrase, this particular reviewer is at a loss to put it any better, a remarkable talent producing a finely crafted track.


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