EP Review: The Basement People -Typical

Hailing from Folkstone The Basement People are, in their own words, a “5 piece Indie Pop/Rock Band”. This statement is fair, but somewhat undersells what strikes us as a group of individuals who can make some awesome music. That may not be very reviewer-esque, but it is true. Their E.P Typical defines short but sweet as it is only 3 tracks long, but 3 tracks that truly compliment each other.

Such a short EP may be assumed to have been thrown together in a haste to showcase their talents before a band have perfected enough songs for a longer project, or for record label or management attention. Whether this is the case we do not know, but it doesn’t matter as if it is indeed a showcase, it shows these guys off as being more than capable of writing melodic, enchanting and somewhat melancholic music, that easily competes with the standard of most bands they claim to draw their influence from.

Amy’s vocals have a playful timbre, yet deliver the lyrics maturely and with conviction. The two guitarists create an interesting sound-scape, one being a sense of impending bleakness, the other being well structured and ear pleasing melody. Combining the two in such a successful way cannot have come easy, but it sounds effortless. The bass and drums are well mixed as are the occasional synth parts. It could be argued that Indie music nowadays all sounds alike, we wouldn’t go so far to say that The Basement People are breaking any boundaries, they are however infusing a few influences that has not been done quite so well before, we hear remnants of Robert Smith’s desperation in In The Forest, and a little Depeche Mode in Empty Hours and on the whole they have released a well polished and thoroughly enjoyable collection of great Indie/Pop songs that would be unfair to label Typical.


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