EP Review: The Consoles – Flashing LED

Hailing from West Sussex, indie rock four-piece, The Consoles, have released their latest EP, entitled Flashing LED. As close friends that have grown up together, their chemistry is obvious and contributes greatly to the incredible success of this three-track EP, along with their raw talent and passion for music.

The first track, Feeling Alright, is an example of a perfect opening record with a unique twist provided by the synthesising effects. Fun and simple, the lyrics are reminiscent of sunny summer days. The track begins with soft percussion and chanting. As the lyrics begin to kick in, the song really sets off. The synthesiser is highlighting the energy in the song whilst the focus is on the lead vocals and lead guitar. This theme continues throughout the track, making it light-hearted but ensuring that the talent of the musicians is not overlooked. Towards the end of the track, the chanting returns and the atmosphere of the song is darkened temporarily, until the chorus begins again and the original sound is restored.

The second track, Flashing LED, has a significantly heavier opening. The vocals are rougher-sounding throughout, which adds to the success of the track as it is strongly focused on the vocals. The prominent drum beat is effective as it knits the track together. The lead guitar is providing a steady rhythm complementary of the drums, making the whole track resemble a classic indie rock record.

The third and final track, H.O.R.I.Z.O.N, is of similar style to the previous two tracks. However, it has a quirkier sound and fully shows off the band’s talent and versatility in an incredible climax to the EP. The track uses its layers effectively, building up the sound with guitars, drums, synth and vocals. The lyrics are original and exciting and the track includes crescendos that increase the energy, allowing the track to reach its full potential and display the talent of an up-and-coming band that deserve all the credit they receive and more.

The band are currently gigging locally in the Sussex and London area, in various pubs and other venues. Hopefully, as their profile widens, their career will escalate and allow them to perform on a larger scale as talent like this would be a real shame to miss out on.


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