Single Review: Redwood Falls – The Bold Grenadier

There’s a haunting intricacy from the very outset of the bold grenadier, a lamenting wash of plucked guitar strings and sweeping fiddles are sailed across by the truly melodic and heartfelt lyrics from Redwood Falls’ vocalist Madeleine Cooke. Hailing from Brighton, the band have created a simple yet beautiful narrative, one that could have been taken from a letter discovered in a military trunk in the depths of an Irish cellar.

Not only do Cooke’s vocals sit well in the mix of the track, they go a long way toward telling the story, singing isn’t merely hitting the correct notes, singing is acting out the emotions within the plot without the use of physical impression; something that is very well achieved in this example. The depth of sound created by band mates Edd Mann (guitar, vocals), & Phil Jones (guitar, vocals) creates a beautifully presented and very easy on the ear example of brilliant and melodic song writing. There is a fourth member of the band, Hywell Dinsdale, but being the drummer, (and as there are no drums on the track), they are we assume, absent from credit. If we are wrong to make this assumption we apologise in the safe knowledge that any influence that has been made toward the bold grenadier, must have been positive, as otherwise we wouldn’t like it so much!

This is a fine example of contemporary folk music, delivering a timeless tale of love and loss, the bold grenadier has left us wanting more, and we are confident that with the obvious ability Redwood Falls have, this will sound absolutely stunning live.


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