Single review: Shout Timber–East India Trading Company

Shout Timber are quite possibly the UK’s quirkiest up-and-coming band of the moment. With their newest single, East India Trading Company, having just been released and currently available free online, the band are bursting onto Britain’s indie music scene, with influences of bands such as Vampire Weekend and The Beatles combined effectively with their own clever, unique sound.

East India Trading Company is an exciting and powerful track delivered with energy and passion. The Indian heritage of two of the four-piece is dominant; however the style of the other two band members, from southern England, is captured, making the track as unique as it could possibly be. The aim of the song is to encapsulate the magic of India: the colours, smells, sights and tastes and it does exactly that. Upon listening to the track, a sense of nostalgia and longing for experience of the culture that is being described is created. It contains a whole range of different sounds, created by instruments not common in most bands around on the UK alternative scene at the moment. The accessible yet intelligent lyrics are reminiscent of sunny summer days, knitted together creatively with the range of instruments and soft chanting in the background. A steady drum beat is maintained throughout, ensuring that the rhythm is kept. The band have devised their own take on a middle eight, in which a melodic clash of instruments is heard, showing the talent of the musicians as their ability to control their music whilst ensuring that it is interesting is evident. The fadeout of the track is effective as it rounds off nicely the atmosphere that has been created.

A video for this track has also been provided online, made up of authentic footage from India to further encapsulate the mood. Shout Timber are definitely an unsigned band to watch, with all the potential to escalate rapidly onto the UK music scene with their individuality and unique style.


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