EP Review: Haim-Forever

This 3 piece female family band are probably what the indie music scene needs right now. With some old fashioned soul and rock and roll, mixed with an indie vibe, these sisters know how to get your attention.

Haim is the family name for the sisters Danielle, Alana and Este, so it is expected that these girls started playing pretty young. As with all family bands, we do wonder how they came to choose what instruments they each play. Poor bass player drew the short straw, no doubt. However, the band is very heavily bass orientated as they are funky and r&b orientated.

The track that led us to them is Forever, and has been belted on Triple J in Australia. For those of you in the UK that aren’t aware of what Triple J is, it’s a nationwide radio station that is broadcast throughout the entirety of the country, and the best thing about it is that it isn’t commercial, so there are no ads, and there is only one broadcast, so what is played in Melbourne, is also played in Brisbane and Sydney and Perth. So, this is the way that bands make it big in Australia. Millions tune in, and it’s the only way to escape the horrific eardrum assault that Justin Fucking Bieber induces.

So, Haim have been one of the most played acts on Triple J of late. When we first heard it, it almost sounded like something by Michael Jackson. No shit, we thought it was him, just slightly more feminine. The crunchy snare drum and pounding bass line sounds like something from Motown Records in the 70’s. The guitar however, brings a much more indie modern and vibe, but thankfully it doesn’t have a large part. Only in the bridge and chorus does it ring out with its happiness, which really does fill out the sound of the track.

The vocals are sung in a very staccato style, with short and sharp notes in the most part. It’s a very old school style, and it’s fucking brilliant. There is something about it that just hits us right and installs faith in humanity once again. Only briefly though, as we noticed that Carly Rae Jepson beat Gotye for Best New Act at the AMA’s, and Bieber won artist of the year. Who the fuck votes for that douchebag?

Go Slow is the 3rd track on the EP. It is in fact slow, with a somewhat hiphop vibe induced by the percussion. It’s very basic and stripped back, with just drums, bass and vocals for a fair bit, with synth and guitar making an appearance. The vocals are quite different to Forever, as the notes are held considerably longer than a lot of the staccato of the previous track. There are a number of harmonies and backing vocals, whether it be just in recording or the others choose to join in, we don’t honestly care. It’s amazing, and that’s where we want to leave it.


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