Band Review: Volume Conflict

Rhythmic beats, strong riffs and a hypnotizing voice Volume Conflict seems to have it all. Lyrically they are equally impressive, with strong sing along chorus’ and harmonized screams to die for. Volume Conflict do seem to be every heavy rock fans dream.

Wake Me Up has an enticing intro but what follows is a little less impressive when compared to massive brilliance of other tracks such as Fallen with its political references and melodic chorus. Each track sounds very much different to the next with the riff from the song Calling leaving us wanting more. And with songs like De’ Javu and Derailed we definitely get that, the opening riff to Derailed really hits you with full force and it becomes second nature to head bang along.

The songs seem to be so well structured that they show off not only the incredibly poetic lyrics but also the undeniable musical talent from each member of the band from fast paced heart beat of the band: Drummer Leon Smith, Bassist and brother Stefan to the kick starter of the band Triston, vocalist and rhythm guitar power house as well as new member and only one not to be blood related ‘Snow’ on Lead. The sheer brutality of the music in juxtapostion to the delicate daylight sun in the music video for Wake Me Up almost feels reminiscent of videos for bands such as The Used.

Clearly the group is as much a family as a band; with three of the band being brothers it seemed the band would always be that way. But a brief look through their history shows financial trauma and the band working their way through the music business the hard way, but defiantly coming out all the better for it.

They are promised to sky rocket through the Alternative and grunge scenes. With a strong fan base and good quality music, along with the help of Producer Beau Hill who’s worked with the likes of Alice in Chains, the only way this band can go from here is up, and they are definitely on their way!


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