EP Review: The Onironauts

When someone tells you they’re an experimental group, what do you think? Personally we think, “what a load of bullshit. You just aren’t good at anything you have tried yet so want to make your own failed sounds into a new genre.”

But when someone tells you they are a band from the moon, and their influence is the language of the moon, then what do you think? You would probably be confused out of your inferior little mind and have no idea what the yet-to-be-discovered moon creatures listen to.

Fortunately, the oniric astronauts that make up Onironauts are here to translate their experiences on the not so distant moon for you, and you can be cultured in intergalactic music.

So, the Onironauts are not electronic. They are in fact quite jazz and funk inspired. The difference between them and so many other bands, is that they choose to mix old sounds with new sounds, creating an overwhelmingly unique and alienating atmosphere.

The opening track, Orange, starts off with what sounds like an interference in a radio signal by some form of unidentified life. Then a funky guitar riff comes in with a large amount of effects placed upon them. A drum beat joins, as well as a saxophone. THAT’S RIGHT!!! It ‘s used so well. It’s a really fun riff, and really does give the effect of something out of this world. The vocals are almost non-existent as the band choose to focus on the instrumentation, and there’s surely not a single objection. A very heavy chord progression backs up the chorus, as the vocals say ‘Coming from the moon, we are called the Onironauts.’ Not the most heart wrenching lyrics, but we guess that’s what an alien would say upon meeting a human for the first time, if it could in fact speak English. A synth is being used to create some more futuristic and strange noises. The wah-wah effect on the guitar and rapping of the vocal give a vibe similar to Incubus, but that’s a very vague comparison.

In the second track, there’ s more saxophone being used, as well as an acoustic guitar used in a Spanish style. There are no vocals, so the instruments tell the story and speak to each other. When the sax isn’t going, a heavily distorted electric guitar is soloing. The synth is providing some very space age sounds to set a mood, as well as the percussion by using a number of metal and brass instruments.

The songs are quite long, so you can get a little lost in all the confusion. And it’s very confusing. But, if you listen properly, you won’t get bored for even a second. While bands try to be ‘indie’ and use a string quartet occasionally to make them sound different, the cool thing about Onironauts is that they try to sound different in every single song, not trying to be a typical indie band.

Disco Juice is a 6 minute track again, using the range of saxophone, Spanish guitar, heavily distorted wah wah effect electric guitar, synth, bass. The vocals make another appearance. A very entertaining effect is used on the second half of the chorus, to make it sound like an alien is actually communicating. It’s not a pisstake like many acts who try to make strange noises. The band try to actually create the illusion of playing music from the moon, and do a brilliant job at it.

Gypsy Soup features an exquisite female vocalist who sounds as if she should be belting out an 80’s power ballad, however she instead has been abducted to communicate to the aliens. The instrumentation is nothing like the others, besides the occasional funk effect on the guitar. The futuristic vibe has disappeared. It does sound a bit similar to a Broadway theatre track. The mood is quite sombre. We’re not sure we like the direction the band goes with this track, however like all alien movies, there is a point where the lonely feeling of being on a distant planet comes into play. If you think of the female vocalist sitting on the roof of her house staring at the moon crying, you may understand why the band did include this.

This is an EP that’ll hopefully lead to an album that’ll sell all over the world to spread the language of the moon. It’s new age and extremely entertaining. Something guaranteed to be new to you.


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