EP Review: Flame Fracture- The Keep

Metal music isn’t all it appears to be these days. On the surface it may seem shallow with its banshee like screams and ear-spitting riffs. Underneath it’s more emotional than you think. A lot of thought and time goes into making this raw emotional sound. Flame Fractures’ EP The Keep carries its death metal roots, with the undertone of a deeper meaning. It’s quite obvious on first listen that a lot of consideration and effort went into the composition of each song. Flame Fracture may only be a small 5 piece band from England now, but they have pure talent harvesting within them. It’s just waiting to be unleashed into the world amongst the rest of the metal gods.

The first track is a prelude called Black Torch. It opens the album up with a dramatic use of sound that makes you think of another world. You find yourself lost in it until the next track starts reminding you of the heavy intensity that is to come. In tracks like This I Vow and My Own Identity the guitar riffs are a stand out. When listening to those two you can really imagine the circle pits and adrenaline filled fans singing along to these tales of destruction.

Flame Fracture’s lyrics are anthems of the macabre but with beacons of hope. While hope and macabre being completely opposite the band seems to make them mesh together, such as the line “promises death to the innocent… tear down the ignorant” in This I Vow, the surface of the lyrics seems destructive; however underlying it is a promise to fight back against any oppression and unjust actions. In a way everyone can relate to the meaning in fighting back for a cause, maybe not as gruesome as they describe though.

The Keeper is hands down the stand out track of the album. With its mix of heavy breakdowns and soft interludes, clean vocals and roaring screams. The composition of the song is incredible; it’s very obvious they thought hard about where to place everything to create the perfect sound. However, you do find yourself losing interest in some parts, as the song does go for over 10 minutes. Its feels like The Keeper should have been broken up into two songs with part 1 and part 2 of the story.

Overall though, the album leaves you wanting more. You want to know what Flame Fracture has next up their sleeves. Hopefully more boner inducing tracks.


One comment on “EP Review: Flame Fracture- The Keep

  1. Great band and great friends too – not being biased here when I say that you will not meet a nicer bunch of people either! This I Vow is an absolute anthem for me when I get to see them, get hold of the EP though too if you can’t get down to a gig as you will not be disappointed! If you like your DM progressive and filled with great riffs and crushing vocals then Flame Fracture are a serious up and coming act to consider.

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