Single Review: Melissa and More- Anything

Anything is the title track from Melissa And More’s EP. Originally from Southampton, the act’s singer/songwriter, Melissa Sullivan’s music covers a huge variety of genres including Rock, Folk, Pop, Jazz and Country. Melissa plays the piano and has been playing the flute for seven years and reached Grade 8 standard with distinction when she was just 14-years-old. After fronting and writing for a number of bands, in 2004 Melissa started performing alongside Dave Wilkes, with her performing vocals, flute and keyboards and Dave taking on both electric and acoustic guitars. In 2011 the band matured into a five-piece act and currently have three self-released EPs along with a live recorded album, and a new album on its way in the next few months!

The track certainly lives up to the repertoire Melissa And More seem to have formed for themselves; making use of every genre they know. Although this makes them rather unique, it also makes them hard to place or imagine a firm fanbase for. The rapid tempo and bright vocals are colourful but a little emotionally-lacking. It almost appears as if the band aspires to come across as alternative, which they carry out very well, but have pushed composing poignant or passionate music to one side.

However, Anything is very well produced and really highlights Melissa Sullivan’s great vocal range and individual style, which actually conceals the instrumentation to come across as simply background noise and a swift enough tempo to keep up with her rapid vocals. But it is obvious that there is a lot of thought behind how the vocals come across. The track is very flamboyant and expressive but is certainly not something a listener can really relate to on a personal level.

With a truly distinctive vocal performance that drowns out the other instruments somewhat, Anything is a great example of how intriguing unusual vocal styles can be but also how much they can hinder the other elements of a track. Although Melissa And More claim to blend just about very genre under the sun, in actual fact the track is difficult to place in any style.

We found Melissa And More on Audio Rokit. Check them out.


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