Cinema Preview: Alex Cross

Previously portrayed by Morgan Freeman in Kiss The Girls and Along Came A Spider, Alex Cross is the third movie adaptation of James patterson’s fan favourite character of the same name.

Engineered by Dragonheart and The Fast And The Furious director, Rob Cohen, the film follows young homicide detective and psychologist Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) as he meets his startling and unpredictable match in Picasso (Matthew Fox), a serial killer who sedates and tortures his victims before killing them.

As the hunt intensifies Alex Cross is thrown into a deadly game of cat and mouse with the killer, one that gets personal, and pushes him to the edge of moral and psychological limits.

Alex Cross is a name synonymous with nail biting thrillers that has a proven track record of books and movies, but the presence of Summit Entertainment, the production company behind the holocaust of integrity and adequate film-making that was the Twilight saga, is enough to make us nervous before we’re even more than ten seconds into the trailer.

But as the seconds roll on, and we’re reminded of the masterpieces that were Kiss The Girls and Along Came A Spider, the sequence flashes with schizophrenic-like madness, and our confidence is reignited.

Matthew Fox seems a good choice for the villain, Picasso, a convincing and truly disturbing blend o brains and brawn not often done so well. Tyler Perry appears less than exceptional compared to Morgan Freeman, perhaps because he comes across as being too strong and mentally stable, but the movie seems to be taking the thriller in a very much action-packed direction that we’re keen to see.

“I will meet his soul at the gates of hell before I let him take a person that I love”. Those words alone are enough to let us know this’ll be a contender for film of the year.


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