EP Review: Stark-Where The Grey Slates Meet

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear Stark? Perhaps you think “Winter is coming?” (and it is, it’s bloody freezing). Perhaps you think of Tony Stark in his mighty Iron Man armour, well you can now add Stark the band to that list. They’re a pretty far cry from Tony Stark‘s beloved AC/DC though, so try not to get them confused.

And here they are with a new EP by the name of Where the Grey Slates Meet. Finally, Someone’s tackling the artistic conundrum that is roofing! The opening track from the EP, Circle Roads, is a country/folk ballad more in the vein of Seth Lakeman than Mumford and Sons. Its plucky banjo, acoustic guitar and laments of cold towns and cruel windsreally cement its place in the genre, however towards the end of the song, from nowhere (and Tony Stark will be pleased with this) comes a roaring electric guitar which really adds something to the mix.

The second track is entitled Sailor Song appropriately, as it is something of a bastardised sea shanty. The opening line, “Hold her steady, boys” could be lifted straight from What shall we do with a drunken sailor? However, despite these thematic resemblances it stays more in the country/folk genre without quite slipping into a full on a capella sing song to get some oars going, unfortunately.

Anger closes the EP and takes on a kind of Bluegrass feel with its slidey guitar riff. The thumping drums and bassline really suit the songs title and provide an aggressive drive until climaxing in a glorious cacophony of pent-up folky rage at the end. The whole EP sounds wonderful as well and our hats go off to the producer of the songs as each individual instrument sounds spot on.

All in all, then a triumphant effort from the Brighton trio and fans of the genre will certainly find something to entertain themselves. Also, one of them looks like Charlie from Lost.


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