Single Review: Olly Murs feat Flo Rida-Trouble Maker

When we first discovered this song and read the artists who were involved, a big ‘NO!’ jumped out of our mouths (quite a few times, we might add). On one hand you have a squeaky-clean X-Factor Essex boy and on the other a hugely popular, bad-ass rapper from overseas, it shouldn’t work, should it!?

This unusual pairing was a shock and even more of a shock was that this unusual pairing had us hooked from the first note of the opening guitar riff. The Maroon 5 esque chord progression and minor third heavy melody (from Murs) had us whistling along from bar one. The four to the floor kick beat gets your head nodding and you don’t really have any choice than to be sucked in from the get go.

The song progresses in true pop form (verse, chorus, verse, chorus etc). Predictable? Yes. Boring? Definitely not. We were always wanting to hear the next riff, we wanted the next lick to get us clicking along like a crazed drunken dancing man at the front of a loud jazz club. Then, by the end of the second  funky chorus we thought “where could this possibly go now!?”

Then BAM! In comes Flo Rida. With an awesomely tight, sharp, snappy twelve bar rap that if you didn’t have a ‘hell yeah!’ look on your face, you will do now. Acting like side compression, pumping out the offbeat’s and getting in a few triplets in true Flo style.

In this particular case, we love the almost cheesy lyrics and whole tongue in cheek feel of this song. You can’t help but smile and sing/rap along, well we couldn’t anyways.

Like Olly Murs? Flo Rida? pop music? music!?? If answered yes to all a purchase is totally justified. Dommy out.


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