EP Review: Safe Bet-The Halfway There EP

Rising from Eastbourne, East Sussex, up-and-coming indie band, Safe Bet, have released their latest EP. The three-track EP is a reminder of a classic indie rock record and the influence of artists such as Deaf Havana and Jimi Hendrix are obvious.

The first track, titled The I In Team, is a calm but effective song to begin the EP with. The lead vocals, the key focus of the song, are both striking and rhythmic, tying in nicely with the steady drum beat that defines the track. The bass guitar is also consistent, adding depth to the track and making it unique to the band. The lead guitar is less consistent but, when it is present, the riffs it provides are exciting and prove to be a great support to the lead vocals. There are several instrumentals during this song, the most significant of which appears where a middle eight would usually be present. This is where the raw talent of the musicians is evident and where the track picks up in pace. The song rounds off nicely with a repeat of the chorus and a gentle fadeout.

The second track, Roots, begins more fast-paced than the first. Where the vocals in the first track were rounded, they now sound more quirky and raw, showing the versatility of the band. The drum beat here is, yet again, steady and consistent, but both the lead guitar and the bass guitar play an even more significant part in this track. The lyrics are relatable and represent those of a typical indie band but are presented in a way that is unique to the band. Finishing with an instrumental, the track ends effectively and the talent of the lead guitarist is shown.

The final track, Breakthrough, starts significantly faster than the previous two tracks, so it is hinted that this track will be a successful climax to the EP. The vocals sound even edgier in this song, darkening the mood from the overall fairly gentle first two tracks. Both guitars and the drums are in full swing here and the band are taking advantage of the instruments they have to create a unique, quirky sound. With this track being clearly shorter than the others, the band have packed all the talent they have into three minutes and have chosen an excellent song to close their EP.


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