Single Review: London Commands You-Truth

Promising ‘music with a message’, London Commands You are a new era protest-driven band inspired by the likes of Editors, The Killers and Joy Division with a strong, wonderfully Indie sound. Founded just ten months ago, the Brighton-born quintet debuted their very first single On Her Own Again in July and just yesterday, Truth made it into Amazon’s Top 100 Indie chart and Rock chart, two places above The Rolling Stones. London Commands You plan to be back on the road in January and release their next single, Blue Star over the Christmas period.

The protest fuelled music video for Truth, with intense red lighting and selection of epic political commentary and public fighting imagery has generated well over 1,000 views and is beautifully precise with regards to editing in line with the melody of the track. Truth is composed of rhymes that fit together as simply as those found in a children’s’ nursery rhyme; The children play, in the sun, sun, sun, in the games we play, see the children talk, as they slip away, but you want to know truth?, which is an odd concept given the nature of the song’s message.

London Commands You have clearly worked hard to create something that reaches out to listeners interested in politics and the overall state of the world today, but they do not make it clear what their specific message is from their music video. In fact, they appear to have negative opinions towards those involved in politics, large corporations and the military as a whole Everyday, he loves to hate, and lives a lie….  It is also clear that the music video has been cheaply shot which takes away from how well-produced the track is.

Truth itself is remarkably upbeat for a song depicting a world crying out for democratic revolution and is made up of all the elements that make an Indie track great. The guitar-driven melody wouldn’t go a miss in a Vaccines song and the repetitive melody and plodding drums seem to be pounding the lyrics into listeners.

Despite how cyclic the track is and how D.I.Y. the music video appears, London Commands You do have potential to expand their fanbase by making their overall message clear and proving their live show worth to as many people as possible, because their sound is rare, commercial and ironically upbeat.


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