EP Review: Black Bonds – Devil’s Gold

For those of us who need a little more rock in our roll and have had enough of this pandering indie-rock music that is dominating the scene, then Black Bonds is for you. Black Bonds is a Brighton four-piece formed from the dark friendships that display their passion for pure rock music and a willingness to show the music world that rock is not dead! This darkness boils over into their gritty, old-school rock-n-roll sound that has a modern twist. The band are getting ready to release their debut EP Devil’s Gold and for such a young band, they already have a decidedly mature sound.

Steal My Thunder puts the EP off to a drab start. The deep bassline and lilting guitar riffs are the only memorable things about this track but luckily Black Bonds redeem themselves from this mediocre first track with title track Devil’s Gold. Devil’s Gold drive a deep bassline into rip-roaring rock track that blend the perfect amount of soul and dirty rock-n-roll as vocalist Dan Hills serenades a temptress that has him ensnared – “It’s so complicated, it’s not just conversation, those eyes, she’s got those eyes, her lips, my body and soul – its her face on the Devil’s Gold.”

Philly shows off a pop-ier side of Black Bonds sound. The catchy chorus delivers dance-inducing beats – every band has to have those crowd-starter songs for a live set, which is where this song will come in handy. The song is the atypical lets run away together song that most bands have but the not-so-typical aspect of this song is the cleverly composed lyrics that maneuver around  cliches that songs like this often have (i.e. “let’s runaway”, “Take my hand and everything will be ok”, “open roads” and “tops down” in convertibles.)

The standout track on the album is the Pixies cover Where is My Mind? Having been compared to the Pixies, Black Bonds pays proper omage to this iconic band with their powerful rendition of this song. The dreamy melody draws you in and floats you along as vocalist Hills croons about his scattered frame of mind.  The lyric “Where is my mind?” is repeated over and over as the music drifts in and out of searing guitar licks and crashing drums.

You can get a free download of Where is My Mind? For free at the band’s Soundcloud page.


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