EP Review: The Sunday Skyclub- I Like Songs

Hailing from Exeter The Sunday Skyclub are a four piece indie pop group, now in our experience this is not an easy type of band to be at the moment, as there is a lot of competition of a very high standard. The brothers Ed and George along with friends Sean and Andy have therefore set out on a potentially treacherous and thoroughly crowded thin path to success. We however, are thoroughly glad that they did!

We haven’t seen these guys play live, however throughout this EP, we feel we have already, and in doing so we’ve soaked up what is clearly a strong chemistry and understanding of structure and melodic compliment.

At this point it is worth mentioning that in indie/pop bands one member of the band often gets overlooked or drowned out all the way at the back of the stage or the track, but it has to be said that the drumming throughout I Like Songs breathes so much air into the EP it must be complimented. Complimented both in regards to Andy’s evident mastery of the sticks, and the amount of detail that has been adhered to on their production. (With the exception of track three Victory Road- where they seem to get a little overpowered in the chorus), sorry, picky we know, but we’d just like to hear more of them!

That is not to say that the rest of the members do not pull their weight, I Like songs features a charming selection of differently paced and ear pleasing tunes throughout, and creates a gentle and soothing atmosphere with undertones of elevated grandeur. The use of intricate guitar and piano parts compliment Ed’s vocals, and the bass parts are well structured and result in a chilled collection of pop songs that left us with a smile on our faces. So much so that we can easily say, we like their songs too.


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